EMF & RF Wellness Solution

What is EMF, and is there a Concern?

Our everyday surroundings are increasingly being filled with invisible hazards that impact our heath and wellbeing. With the ever increasing electrification of our surroundings, and the widespread adoption of wireless technology and communications, it has never been more important to inform and protect ourselves of these potential health risks and hazards. Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) has increased dramatically over that past few years, especially from radio frequency (RF) radiation. Many homes have a wireless router, cordless phone and SmartMeters. WiFi is now ubiquitous in our society having been installed practically everywhere, in homes, schools, offices, businesses, libraries, restaurants, parks, and most any place that people live, work and inhabit. The telecom industry’s fast track of the latest 5G technology (fifth generation wireless communications) is installing 5G antennas/transmitters in a unprecedented numbers.

What Health Implications are there Related to EMF?

More people are experiencing health concerns that can be directly linked to exposure from harmful EMF/RF. Difficulty sleeping, headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, to more severe life threatening illnesses. There is a lack of adequate safety testing in the telecom industry, and many effected and concerned professionals have sounded an alarm over the years. Scientific evidence continues to grow, showing links between EMFs and many illnesses, such as leukemia, brain tumors, breast cancer, heart disease, autism, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

EMF Well Can Help

We specialize in identifying sources of harmful EMF/RF and proper remediation options. Our certified contractors are specialist and can help with:

  • Reducing exposure to wireless radiation sources (Wifi, cell towers, cell phone, etc.)
  • Identify sources of high magnetic fields in your surroundings
  • Lower electrical field exposure in your home and office
  • Identify and reduce sources of dirty electricity
  • Provide personalized details solutions for your specific exposure circumstance 

EMF Well also offers various general construction contracting services. Services for residential construction, system networking (data, phone, audio/video installations), home water filtration installations, and more.