FM5 Freedom Monitor – 5G Millimeter Wave Meter

The rollout of 5G networks has been a cause for concern across the world, with 5G signals operating at higher frequencies than any consumer grade EMF meter can detect. Recognizing a clear gap in the market, EMF Protection Ltd. hase spent several years developing a true 5G monitor, the FM5 Path, which is designed to measure all of the current 5G rollouts. This is built to be a handheld monitor at an affordable price point, allowing all of those who are concerned about 5G to precisely measure their exposure.

The FM5 EMF Freedom Monitor is:

  1. The world’s first handheld 5G millimeter wave monitor.
  2. Future-proof, with an upgradeable antenna.
  3. Lowest cost to entry in the mmWave meter market.

What Does The FM5 Measure?

A 5G meter will measure radio frequency radiation, or RF waves, in a specific area.

Much of the mobile networks offered in America at the moment as 5G are in fact better described as 4.5G, and will be detectable on standard EMF meters that can measure RF signals up to 10GHz. However, future 5G signals will be between the frequency range 24GHz and 32Ghz and will require a specialist 5G meter to detect.

While the health risks of 5G networks are yet to be determined, non-ionising EMF radiation has been linked to numerous adverse health effects over the years, such as insomnia and migraines, alongside more serious issues. Once true 5G has rolled out the only method to detect it will be with a monitor that specifically covers the higher frequencies.

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FM5 Freedom Monitor – 5G millimeter wave meter!