EMF Well is an authorized distributor for Safe Living Technologies EMF/RF meters and remediation products. Links below will direct you to Safe Living Technologies Website where you can browse meters and other equipment/materials offered through SLT.*

* Enter promo code: EMFWELL at checkout to receive an additional 5% off your order for any meters and other supplies through SLT.

For those looking to purchase their first meter/s please note, dedicated meters are required for the most accurate survey/inspection of each environmental hazard (i.e. one meter for reading RF signals, and one meter for reading Electrical/Magnetic fields). Some meters offer all three field measurements, and these multi-field meters do have some strong points. However, they do not match sensitivities that dedicated RF and EMF meters provide.

Get the right meters for surveying radio/microwave frequency and electrical/magnetic fields. “Make the invisible..visible”!…

RF (Radio Frequency) Meters

EMF Meters (Electric Field & Magnetic Field) Meters