Remote EMF/RF Inspections & Consulting

EMF Well offers remote EMF/RF inspections for those that live outside of our travel distance in central California. This is a great solution to acquire the important EMF measurements at your location, while learning the basics of how to survey your environments with proper meters, and how to reduce exposure to hazards that that are found.

Remote EMF inspections require the purchase or rental of two meters (one for measuring electrical & magnetic fields, and another for measuring radio frequencies).

You will be guided by one of our experienced EMF-Experts on how to use the required meters and how to collect the data required for your personal EMF report. In most cases you will be able to perform your walkthrough EMF/RF inspection within 1-2 hours (depending on size of home/survey location). Information that you collect on your walkthrough will be input into an on-line form for us to review and report back the summary and options for remediation of any EMF/RF hazards identified in the inspection.

Remote EMF/RF inspection Includes:

  • Radio Frequency Meter/Detector*
  • Electromagnetic Field Meter*
  • 2-6 hrs of EMF Well’s inspector analysis and client 1-on-1 (depending on size of survey site and depth of inspection)
  • Final report with summary of inspection, remediation options, and immediate solutions for reduced exposure in your surveyed environment

Remote EMF/RF Inspection Pricing:

Remote inspection pricing will very based on the size of your survey location, and what meters you select for purchase or rental. Most Remote EMF/RF inspections are generally performed for under $1,000, and empowers you with the proper tools and knowledge to perform further investigations and before/after measurements of any remediation options you may take.

Contact EMF Well today to get more details and scheduled for your remote EMF/RF inspection!

  • Select meters and pricing is dependent on individual and situational requirements