EMF/RF Inspections & Consulting

Inspect For EMF/RF Hazards To Health

Most importantly, we want you to be healthy and well. There are many electrical environmental factors in our modern world that are hidden to the human senses. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF, Electrical & Magnetic Fields) and Radio Frequencies (RF, Microwave Radiation) have become the largest, fastest growing, and hazardous toxins we are being exposed to in our living and working environments. While it’s impossible to completely avoid EMFs in our society, we can identify sources of hazardous EMF/RF and significantly reduce our personal exposure to these harmful fields/frequencies in our homes and while out in the world.
Many individuals are recognizing that negative health symptoms are likely caused by EMF/RF exposures. Booking an EMF inspection with EMF Well will provide detailed analysis of all findings, and provide solutions that can be implemented immediately to reduce your individual exposure to harmful EMF/RF in your environment.

Pre-Purchase EMF/RF Home Inspection

A pre-purchase EMF inspection focuses on identifying any potential issues which may be impossible or costly to correct after moving in to a new residence. Wether you are looking to rent or purchase, identifying any such issues before you sign on the dotted line makes good sense.

In addition to the obvious potential EMF sources such as nearby high-voltage power lines, less obvious sources of EMFs can exist inside the home itself. Electrical wiring issues or ‘stray electrical current’ found on metal plumbing, gas lines are also potential sources of EMF. In fact, wiring issues inside a home can often create EMFs that are much higher than EMFs from nearby power lines. Thankfully, these types of wiring issues can often be easily corrected once identified.

Inspection Overview

EMF inspections includes an assessment of EMF/RF from the following potential sources:

  • EMF/RF from external sources such as overhead power lines, and nearby cell towers
  • RF from any home Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular, and SMART devices
  • EMF from wiring and/or grounding issues inside the home (often times these can be easily corrected once identified)
  • EMF from ‘hotspots’ such as electrical panels, electrical motors, HVAC units inside the home which may be located too close to high-use areas (especially sleeping areas)